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Mt. Takliad And The Lost Trail

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Mt. Takliad is located in Argao, Cebu. A neighbouring peak of the infamous Mt. Lantoy. This lesser known peak hasn’t reached the ears of most campers yet. I was able to climb the peak as I was invited to join the weekend trip plotted by fellow outdoor bloggers Wandering Soul Scamper and Four Eyed Laagan. The trip actually focuses on Mt. Lantoy, with Mt. Takliad just as a camping point with several side trips (river trekking, waterfall and caving).

The actual trip started with a registration and securing a guide at Argao’s Tourism office. Then around 30-minute motorbike ride to the near jump-off point where another registration and fee was collected.
Our guide decided to take us to the rarely taken trail where we trail blazed. Unfortunately, we got lost or somehow either the guide forgot the trail or he really does not know where to go. We descended back and re-routed to the commonly trekked trail. I personally found that part funny because we have already put much effort and time with the hopes that we are nearing the peak just to find out that there is a cliff and we cannot proceed (lol). Anyway, we descended back to ground zero and went our way up to the peak, but this time no more trail blazing. The trail was not hard, but neither easy though especially for the beginners.
It was a gloomy day. Drizzle came in and out. The trail was muddy and the stones were slippery. There were tumbles and slips. The trek took us around 3 hours including our funny detour. Nevertheless, we reached the peak just the right time the rain came in. What a grand welcome! As the rain started to fade, we then took our quick-lunch and pitched our tents before the skies trip us again with another batch of heavy rain. The camp site is rather small, though there are some clear areas but the ground is rough, good thing if you brought a ground pad.


Right as we secured and pitched our tents, we have nothing to do and it was still early in the afternoon. We supposedly have several side trips but decided to crash them out due to the weather. We started our socials portion early. Conversations are very hard to initiate especially when most of the people are new faces. Then came in the “ping-pang-pong” game where the “it” gets to choose either Truth or Dare. Of course, the funny moments came from the “Dare”. We laughed and got to shrug the awkwardness off from our skins while we got to know each other more.

Dinner preparation came early. It was still around 6pm when we finished our dinner. With nothing to do, we initiated another segment of socials, this time a bit serious one where we get to know a little detail of the each person in the group. It was still around 7pm and the skies are already brewing heavy clouds ready to bombard us with a new set of rain. Indeed it rained so hard that most of the group got wet even inside their tents. Luckily, I got to lie dry and comfortably inside my tent. I honestly wish my tent could have been bigger to accommodate all of us in, but unfortunately I had with me a 1-person only type of tent. I just did the best that I can to assist and alleviate the situation.


We broke camp right after we had our breakfast. We decided not to proceed to Mt. Lantoy because we cannot cross the river due to the heavy flooding. As we descended back, the trail got even more treacherous. It was muddier and more slippery than when we climbed up. Again, another set of tumbles and slips. As we reached the foot of the mountain, we stopped on a local’s house to have our short break and wash ourselves before proceeding with our ride back to Argao proper.


Half of the group went straight home, while the rest of us decided to proceed to Osmeña Peak and spend another day camping.

How to get there:

  • From Cebu City’s South Bus Terminal, ride a bus that would pass Argao.
  • Disembark at Argao proper’s bus stop.
  • Go to Argao’s tourism office, which is just a walk away, to register and secure a guide.
  • Hire a motorbike to get you to the jump-off point baranggay for registration.

What to expect:

  • Plenty of thorny plants on the trail they call it iring-iring or kanding-kanding.
  • The trail can be slippery and muddy especially during rainy days.
  • The campsite is quite small and rocky.
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  1. Wandering Soul Scamper

    It was really fun and exciting to get lost in the forest… but it’s a lot funnier to get lost to someone who doesn’t even notice you! Haha #whogoat

    Kidding aside, the experience was really amazing despite the cuts I got due to “iring-iring” plants and tripped on the trail down and damaged my iPhone i-flash…

    Hahaha @master Lai: you’re in HK that time cuddling with your special someone. So don’t me… LOL

  2. Christoeffer John

    Great post! I can’t imagine how awkward it was when you and Lanz or baymax held each others hands, wasn’t it? HAHAHA! Naay kulang! Asa ang awkward staring at nothing moments? AHAHAHA

  3. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    Getting lost while working your way to the summit is I think would be the best experience that you guys can treasure. The rain may sound antagonistic, but that’s what adventure all about. I am thinking of knowing what brand of tent have you been using since some tent gotten wet due to the heavy rain and yours is sturdy enough, it must be a waterproof tent I must say. This made me miss mountain, Arnold and John didn’t invite me about this climb.

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