Benefits of Traveling with Pessimists : Traveling with Personalities

We all may have that one friend, or two, that we label as “nega (negative)” especially when we embark on an adventurous getaway. They tend to be the “kill-joy“. They prefer the safe zone. Though being a pessimist may have a strong negative connotation, but it also brings several benefits and advantages. Here are few of the advantages when traveling with pessimists.


They tend to downgrade expectations.

Just when you have planned your trip and everything, with those great photos in your mind as what you saw over the internet and other sources, came your pessimistic friend who collapsed it all over by his/her realistic side of expectations and explanations. Yes, it’s such a bummer, but hey! Your pessimistic friend is just being realistic. They are just protecting and preparing you by downgrading your expectations rather than crushing your over-all experience because of your high expectations that were not met.

It is always a better feeling to be rewarded unexpectedly than to expect being rewarded and get nothing.


They are extra-cautious.

Pessimists tend to choose the safer choice. As much as possible, preventing and walking away from things that might pose threats towards their safety. They are good at critical thinking and analyzing situations and choices. They are great at anticipating upcoming events that may come up, especially the worst ones, and help in constructing strategic plans to counter-act and re-balance. With that, they are a great addition to the travel group. They tend to prioritize safety. You can now enjoy your trip while at the same time feel safe.

Safety should always be on one of the top priorities when traveling.


They think ahead of the “what-if” situations.

One of the ways to spot a possible pessimist is that during the planning stage, they often ask questions like “What if” then followed by a negative situation. You may get sick and tired of these questions and feel like that certain person is trying to inject negative vibes on your plans. On the brighter side, it opens-up your plans on different options.

They help the group in thinking of the possible situations that might be encountered later, thus helping the group in creating back-up plans and branching out itineraries. Imagine when you stick on your sole itinerary then suddenly a chain of unexpected events came up. Itinerary and plans ruined! Well, good thing you got a back-up plan. No time wasted. You can still go on with your vacation and or adventures. It may be a hassle, but better prepared than sorry.


They carry with them those “extras“.

Imagine you are on a multi-day trek and you ran out of the most essential thing in the middle of your itinerary. WATER. Thankfully you have this friend who always brings extra. You’re saved!

Pessimists tend to bring extras of the important things just to prepare them for the worst situations. Some might say that they are over-packing. But basically, they just act like a parent for themselves and for the others. Parents do over-pack things when going out with their kids. They bring extra diapers, milk powders, distilled water, and even toys for their kids. This is to prepare them for the unexpected needs of their children. Just like that, pessimists tend to be ready and sometimes bring extra stuff we might see as unnecessary.


They can be self-sufficient.

Since pessimists always think of the worst-case scenarios. They equip and ready themselves for the unexpected. They tend not to rely on to others, especially for their personal needs. Come any weather and they can surely survive on their own. Hunger strikes, they have their ready-to-eat meals packed in case cooking is not possible. Sudden rain? High chance they brought with them their raincoat.

The point is when you have them in the group, there will be lesser to think and care about. They can manage on their own, rely on themselves and are self-sufficient.


They basically are ready for worst case scenarios.

So tap the shoulder and thank your pessimistic travel buddy today, or yourself. I’m pretty sure at one point that being a pessimistic adventurer really helped a lot in making the trip successful and enjoyable.

15 Replies to “Benefits of Traveling with Pessimists : Traveling with Personalities”

  1. Hahaha nice insight! As for me, can’t say I’m pessimistic, but I’m the paranoid type jud. Haha. Totally agree with the overpacking. Every time we go on trips, I always bring a lot of extra stuffs especially for Akee. “What if magkiat?” “What if panington maau!?” “What if magkuwang ang diaper and gatas!?” Then the next thing I know, puno na among bag sa gamit pa lang ni Akee. Hahaha


      1. Then we go home and I realize half of the stuffs I brought for the trip weren’t used at all. XD


  2. I definitely agree with those ‘extras’ because, I tend to be a crazy daredevil sometimes whenever I travel, and I suck at planning, so I end up not bringing everything that I actually have to bring LOL. Traveling with pessimistic people can be a little bit annoying, but damn, they are heaven-sent. 😉


  3. Uhmm after reading everything, I realize this is all ME!!! Hahaha but ironically, I never refer to myself as “pessimist” because it has such a negative connotation. I always tell myself to be REAlistic and perhaps, I’m really that kind of person. So I call myself realistic and practical instead.

    You’re right though, sometimes it spoils the fun just like when I brought with me an 8-kg backpack during my last travel. There were times that I didn’t enjoy walking because it was really too heavy for me. LOL but I somehow managed not breaking a bone and look at the bright side. Haha


  4. It’s always great for a group to have at least one pessimist which tones down the hype of the group. The reasons above best describe ’em and I’m 1/4 pessimist so yeah. Hahaha


  5. Can we just kick them off the mountain? 🙂 Joke! I hate to think I’m the pessimist in our group but it’s better safe than sorry.


  6. I haven’t really classified myself as to what type of traveller I am, but if we are to follow your inputs, then OMFGLOL it looks like I am a pessimist. But I dont think of myself that way, really. I’m just being realistic and practical. I always plan ahead and make sure that I have everything I need with me. I also dont pretend to do the extreme stuff that are waaayyy beyond my capability – diving, canyoneering, etc. However, I refuse to be labeled as a “kill joy” though. Go with the flow ra jud ko kung asa ang lingaw. But if I feel that I dont want to participate in something, I dont drag other people with me.


    1. I can’t help but recall that time we rode that small canoe few years back. You almost called every saint even though we were just near the seashore.


  7. I can be a pessimist and a complainant at times. Mostly to my partner. And he complains that about me after our climb. Despite that, we still climb anyway. Hahahaha. I’ve somehow learned to keep my mouth shut and keep the complaints to myself so I don’t spoil the adventure. 😛


  8. Most people think that I am a pessimist but not really. Being on the position where you lead people in the club like trekking, adventure and fun is a must but safety should be a top priority. I would consider myself as the realist, the in between of an optimist and pessimist. One of the people that has always a backup plan, well that is if I am the organizer, if not then… Que sera sera haha.
    Considering the worst case scenario is not really a bad thing, maybe it was acquired through life experiences also exp at work wherein you need to consider all the possible scenarios even the catastrophic ones just to produce the best output.

    And I would agree 100% with what you’re talking about, pessimists/realists are the ones who are always prepared with the backup plans in times of unfortunate events. Thus, the experience can still be both fun and safe.


  9. You still managed to find positivity in negative-minded people! Cheers to that, John Jay! Maybe I should bring a pessimist with me on my next trip! Hehehe.


  10. I really relate to all points you mentioned because I happen to be a pessimist by nature. It’s a double-edged sword, really. You get the perks of being prepared for almost all possible outcomes, but at the same time, the tendency to always be “sigurista” can get irritating at times. It’s all a matter of balancing out the negative and positive, really.


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