Mt. Talinis (Cuernos de Negros) Major Climb Part 4 : The Last Descent

Another freezing morning and everybody was getting lazier knowing that this will be our last day. The Rancho area, which serves as another camping site in Mt. Talinis, was covered with mist. Morning routine on the mountains as usual. Cook, eat, prep, break camp and quick photo-op. But before anything else, better get rid of the tiny devils on our bellies that have made us uneasy. One by one we scouted for our own spot. Once I spotted mine, hahaha you know what happened next. Sigh! I just love mornings! LOL.


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mt. talinis
morning coffee by the mountains

Good thing we brought with us instant coffee. Nothing beats a groggy morning than an ample dose of caffeine. Water was not an issue since a clean natural water source is very accessible near the campsite. Few meters away from the main campsite is a budding spring of fresh water source.


mt. talinis

Let’s take it easy

The day marked the last day of our trek. Everybody was chill and was taking things easy. Our bags were no more as loaded as the previous days. Most foods were all consumed. The leftovers were donated to the locals. No more reason to slow us down. Though we were still left with our foods for our lunch, good thing the porters agreed to go with us and carry our foods to the last stop of the trip.


Keep marching on!

We started off pretty early. At around 9 in the morning, we departed the campsite. Our guide decided to take us to the “old trail”. Saying that it would save us more time if we take the said trail. The old trail was said to be very treacherous. Many climbers and trekkers got lost within the trail and rescue units even recovered dead bodies of lost climbers and trekkers along the trail. It was really crucial for the group to stay intact, unlike the earlier days’ trek.

mt. talinis

I can personally attest that getting lost is really possible on the old trail. Tall grasses and ferns and thick bushes covered the trail blocking your view of the surrounding and even the foot trail. Venomous insects and animals could be lurking around.


River trek

Thankfully, we passed through the “old trail” safe. Once we got out, we then followed the usual and commonly used trail. Another challenge was passing through the rushing cold waters of the river. We only have two choices when we pass rivers. Either to step on the waters or hop our way through by the boulders. Hopping bring some risk due to the possibility of landing on a slippery rock and you ending up injured. I was a bit of a risk-taking ninja during that time. I chose to hop between boulders just to keep my feet and shoes from becoming wet again. Lucky enough I did not slip.


Conversations and Teamwork!

Just when I thought that everything is going to be more relaxed was when the trail became the opposite. The trail was no plain straight descent. It was a series of going up and descending down. “Ugh! When will this end?!” I asked at the back of my mind. But anyway, all exhaustion can be compensated and countered by few conversations and touches of laughter. I cannot imagine myself trekking all by myself and no one to talk to. We did several rest breaks along the way. Same as the earlier days, we went through different types of trails. There were sections where the steepness made me say “WTFork!”.

mt. talinis

Teamwork always works best during those moments along the trail. That is why I love trekking on dangerous paths because it’ll test not only your personal durability but also showcases on how you play along with a team.


The trekking advice: Have fun!

Our energies obviously depleted as we were gaining distance. We were facing lesser ascents now, thankfully. Though we were already walking like zombies, but the kid within each of us has not burned out its fire for fun yet. Along the way, there was this long PVC pipe where we can sit on and slide our way down. Good luck on the balancing, though.

mt. talinis

One by one, like kids, we playfully and without a care slid our way down. Almost all of us fell from the pipes. Some made it gracefully, while the others, including me, had a disastrous fall. But it was all fun. No regrets! Of course, I did not miss capturing those moments with my camera. #paraSaVlog


All we need is a bit of motivation

Trekking is always an exhausting activity. What made us endure the long hours of walking are our personal motivations. This time, we shared the same one. That is to finally reach the exit point and savor the refreshing water and the enchanting beauty of Casaroro Waterfall. As we continued, every time we hear a sound of gushing waters, we can’t help but ask if we’re already near the exit point. Hours of continuous walking, we finally made it at the exit point where the entrance to Casaroro Waterfalls can be found.

casaroro waterfalls

Right when the group was complete, we then took our lunch and headed on straight to the waterfall. I’ve been to the waterfall before and I already knew how enchanting its beauty and how cold the waters are. I know that the waters are cold but I need to have my sweaty body washed. I have to endure another round of freezing cold waters. Refreshed and clean, we hurried our way to Dumaguete to catch at least the last ferry trip to Cebu.

mt. talinis
the jeep we rode going to Dumaguete City

Time to go home

We arrived in Dumaguete already late in the afternoon. As usual, Mang Inasal is the place to go for starving trekkers. #unliRice LOL. Bellies filled and now it’s time to head on to the ferry port. We bid goodbye with our guides and porters and expressed our gratitude. Shout out to “Team Relax”. We arrived at the ferry port and secured our ferry tickets. The ferry departed around 7:30 in the evening. By the time the ferry docked in Cebu’s port, we then hastened to catch the last waiting bus trip. Alas! we did not make it. So we went straight to Bato, Santander’s bus terminal where the last bus trip was waiting. With no hesitation and whatsoever, we boarded the bus and secured our trip back home. Everybody was so exhausted that we fell into a deep sleep inside the bus. Some were even drooling. hahaha

dumaguete sunset

The trip ended with us safely back home. It was a hell of an adventure and I would surely love to do another major trek again. Someday.



10 Replies to “Mt. Talinis (Cuernos de Negros) Major Climb Part 4 : The Last Descent”

  1. Kalingaw sa slide2x. Haha. Probably easier if walay bag while sliding. Lol. I can feel your exhaustion and satisfaction of completing your major climb. It’s indeed an achievement. I’m not sure I’d be able to do something like it in the future. We never know. 😉


  2. At least you did not get lost or else I will be treading Part 5. 😉 It was an amazing trip for sure because it deserved 4 equally amazing posts. 🙂


  3. Geez this HAS to be one of your greatest adventures so far. All these obstacles and challenges look really intense and not for the faint of heart. Wish I had the same level of stamina with you guys hahah


  4. Nag slide2x gyud mo sah. Ako kay wa nako gtuyo ug slide pero na slide gyud ko. 😐 That backbreaking descent was also one of the highlights of my Talinis climb. Hapit na jud ko motuo unta ug forever. Deym. Hahaha


  5. I am feeling mthe y adrenaline hype as I read this especially katung pagtabok sa river. Maayo ganih careful ka ug wala na-fall sa cold water sama ka cold sa iyang feelings. AHHAHAHA. More posts like this coz adrenaline rush is good, hell yeah!


  6. Wow! Despite all the hardships you went through, you still had fun! I’m so happy that trekking can be fun no matter what. Can I go with you guys next time?


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