Skydiving with Skydive Greater Cebu Part 2 : Bantayan Island Getaway

You only live once. Take chances.

This quote has been one of the many that have made me into who I am now. It made me the adventure seeking and the risk taking adrenaline junkie that I am now. Skydiving has always been on my ever-growing bucket list of to-dos. So this time, I made the decision to crash one that has been on the top of the list.


Read the other half of the adventure by clicking here, and see the exciting things we did while on the island.


bantayan airport

This is the day!

7 AM and the whole resort was still quiet. Only the hush of the ocean waves and the songs of the early birdsย can be heard. Everybody on our room was still asleep as I got up and prepped myself. I cannot describe my feeling that time. I was excited and happy but not nervous as people usually feel whenever they are about to go on a life-risking adventure. Skydiving actually is a life-risking activity, it might be the riskiest thing in my opinion.

I was about to go to the airport alone, but my ever supportive friends accompanied me on my way. Thankfully the weather was fine with a promise of clear skies.


Shout out to AJ a.k.a the Wandering Soul Scamper, James, and Sean of HisHiddenLetters. Also to my friends RJ and John who stayed and supported me through the spirit. LOL.

We arrived at the airport just in the nick of time when other divers were about to set off. They were student skydivers trying to get their skydiving licenses. As we were waiting, we killed time joking around, being silly, and trying to picture out what would my reaction be mid-air. Still, I did not feel nervous. I was excited rather.



It’s fly time!

Just when the students have already descended, the skydiving instructor readied himself and called out my name. “This is really it! No more turning back!” As I equipped myself with the safety gears, the instructor checked if everything’s okay and placed properly. He then quickly briefed me on what to do and what to expect while on the plane and on the actual dive. Later on, it’s boarding time.



The plane was quite small. Enough to fit five people. As the plane started to take off, I couldn’t help but be ecstatic. Ascending up to at least 10,000 feet above the ground took the plane roughly around 30 minutes. I did not feel that it was that long though as I was sprawling while being amazed by the spectacles I saw through the plane’s small window. I saw the entirety of Bantayan island being accentuated by its dazzling aquamarine shorelines. The whole island of Cebu and Negros with the glorious Mt. Kanlaon were so visible. I was so happy even while I was inside the plane.



10,000 feet above the ground and my instructor opened the plane’s door. My heart was pounding. Not of fear, but of happiness and excitement. He then instructed me to step on the plane’s stepping board. As I slowly pulled out my left foot out, I felt the strong icy wind blowing my leg. It was hard to control at first, but then everything went well. I was so excited that I could just jump right away, but of course, I must wait for the instructor to ensure safety.


Those who don’t jump will never fly.

-Leena Ahmad Almashat


When everything was set, off then we went. Wooooooohooooo!!!ย We were spinning and flipping mid-air as we were trying to find our balance. All I could ever do was scream and shout. Shout out of happiness, out of excitement and out for release. It was a total euphoria.

There is something about falling from the skies. There is this feeling of uncertainty. A feeling of being uncertain whether you’d still live or die. Nothing to hold and depend on. It’s just you and the fear in front of you. That feeling made me throw away all my worries. For a moment I did not care. I was happy as I savor that very brief moment. I surrendered all my cares. Not caring if I’ll make it out alive nor did I care what’ll happen next.


Slowly, the earth pulled us back to its surface. As we glided down, my feeling of awe hasn’t faded yet. The world is indeed beautiful. So beautiful that I wished I were a spirit. Free to roam around the world and continue being in a state of high and awe by the beauty and wonders of it. But I guess we just need to change perspectives to appreciate where we are and what we have now.


For once you have tasted flight you will walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you long to return.

-Leonardo Da Vinci


While I was up in the skies, I realized how small we are as seen from above. So small that it is so ironic how we feel so proud and high at times. Now, I cannot feel the same way as before as I look up to the skies.ย For a moment I was soaring high. I was there. I became the person who, for a moment, did not care about anything at all. Now I get reminded how small we are whenever I look at the skies. That our feet belong to the ground and no matter how high we go, the world will always have its way to bring us back, grounded.

If asked to give skydiving another round, “Hell, yes!”. I would surely give it not just another one, but more tries. If only it is not expensive as hell, or if only everything is for free, then I would do it every day.


Skydiving has changed the person that I used to be. It changed the way I think, the way I see, and the way I perceive things in life. Skydiving is my form of psychedelic.


As of March 2017, skydiving rate is 18,000 pesos/person. There’s a promo of 15,000 pesos/person if you book in groups (min. of 2)

23 Replies to “Skydiving with Skydive Greater Cebu Part 2 : Bantayan Island Getaway”

  1. That is awesome! How I wish I could this too! Maybe sooner, need to save up for this! Hahaha! I could imagine you at the plane and the wind chills started to kiss your calves. Wala ka nagkurog sa katugnaw? Hahaha


  2. I was actually holding my breath while reading this blog post! Good Lord, I would never understand how you felt at that very moment because I haven’t experienced it yet. Your insights about this heart-stopping activity is inspiring. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. The look on your face – from boarding til landing – says it all! I have never seen you this thrilled over something. I can only imagine the feeling of satisfaction and contentment after having pulled off a particularly exciting feat. Now that’s one item ticked off from the bucket list.


  4. Lahi rajud ning makakita tag aerial shot with people. Makahiyak tag ahat while reading the blog.. Ma imagine nako ako kaugalingon naas air.. WWAAAAAAA… Makasuway rajud ko ana pohon. Wew!


  5. Best post I read today! I feel like Im flying too upon reading this. Yeah, if only it is not as expensive as heck, I’d definitely try this. But for now, saving some extra amount will do.


  6. Woah… superb adventure. While reading this, felt like I’m on the same plane and adrenaline is pumping. Hahaha…puhon2x sad ni..


  7. Definitely up there on my bucketlist! To climb the skies and descend towards the earth at such high speeds, to frantically try and get a hold of yourself and truly appreciate the ridiculousness of the situation you’re currently in…I wanna experience that, or rather, I WILL experience that soon! See you in the skies!


  8. Full of thrill sir junji! Wish ko ring magawa yan! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


    1. You must try it Sir Gian and Maam Sheila! I am currently saving-up because I wanted to jump again. This’ll take me another 2years again. Hahahahaha


      1. Hi WanderingFeetPH,

        Indeed! The only thing that is hindering us from jumping from an airplane is its high price. The 15 to 17K price is an entire two- to three-week backpacking budget for us.


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