Hi my name is Junji and I simply love to go outdoors. Music and performing arts is my first love followed by sports. But I travel because it gives me a unique feeling of high and certain ecstasy. Something different but somehow familiar sensation with what I love to do.

Traveling for me somehow becomes music made visible. Every road and route has its own tune. Every step stitches the melody. Every destination becomes the stage where the scenery becomes the back draft and the culture becomes the theme. A stage where my thoughts become free like the wind as they dance through the horizon until my eyes are filled with the glitters of the stars. And where my heartbeat gets bolder as the mighty mountains.


Traveling is simply a sustenance for my soul.


Traveling has also unboxed my interest in immortalizing moments through frames. Capturing landscapes and live emotions with the aim of transporting and immersing people on to the moment from the ravines of time. Follow me as I express my travel experiences through words and also share the spectacles I witness through my camera lens.


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