Lake Danao: Placid and Silence in the City of Ormoc

Arrived at Ormoc port deciding whether to grab the next trip back to Cebu or to find another interesting thing to do. It was still quite early and our adventure stamina hasn’t run out yet. Some of us grabbed the next trip as they still have another schedule to catch while the rest of us were left hanging on what to do with the remaining time. “Lake Danao!“ popped up from the silence. One of us suggested Lake Danao as … Read More

Sambawan Island: Sunrise and Independence

It was already late afternoon when we arrived at the Kawayan port of Biliran for our transit to Sambawan Island. We were already behind our schedule straight from our Mt. Tres Marias descent. The race against time was real. We were supposed to be on the port before 5 PM based on our itinerary. We then bought our lacking supplies on the stores near the port. Potable water really is a must on the island since the island has no … Read More

Introduction to Freediving at Freedive HQ Philippines

I have to admit, the ocean was the first to awaken the adventure spirit in me. I remember so well when I was still a kid, I get a different kind of adrenaline rush and excitement every time I hit the ocean. The feeling and excitement still remain even now that I am all grown-up. As I go deeper into the realm of travel and adventure, I get to see the world of diving (Scuba diving and Freediving). In contrast … Read More

Mt. Tres Marias (Part 2): Ethereal Forest

The cold morning mist starts rolling out, leaving dews on the leaves. It was a cold morning in Mt. Tres Marias. I woke up with my jacket on while struggling to find my glasses. I heard the clanking sounds from the spot where we cooked our meals. As I went out from my small tent, the cold breeze of the mountain caressed my skin giving me a slight shiver while I greeted everyone a good morning. Only a few were … Read More

Mt. Tres Marias (Part 1): Enchantress of Biliran

Mt. Tres Marias (Three Marias). Three adjacent peaks snatching the title of being the highest points of Biliran. The lady name implicates the enchanting nature of the peaks. As seen and read from the logs of other mountaineers and trekking enthusiasts, Mt. Tres Marias offers a mossy and shady trail with chances of meeting vipers and exotic animals along the way, thus intriguing the minds and curiosity of other climbers. Early June marked my second major climb for the year … Read More

Kandungaw Peak: Billion Stars and The Death Drop Cliff

Kandungaw Peak, from the Bisaya word “dungaw” which means “to look below”, literally stands by its name. With its 90-degree death drop cliff, it surely requires one to have a bold heart to take a pose by the tip of its cliff. Sitting just within the same mountain range, Kandungaw Peak can be reached just minutes away from Osmeña Peak’s foot via habal-habal. Just this late May, I was able to visit the famous peak as it was part of … Read More

Casino Peak (Ka-Seno): Cebu’s Version of Chocolate Hills

There are things we just neglect on our first encounter and too late to realize its glitter. That’s our tale of the newly crazed peak in Cebu, Casino Peak. Casino Peak or more appropriately addressed as “Ka-Seno” peak, is located on the same mountain range where the highest peak of Cebu, Osmeña Peak, sits. Contrary to popular belief, Casino Peak was not named so because the locals or people of the olden times used to play gambling games at the … Read More

Southern Cebu Peaks: A Trekking Quest

We all know the highest peak in Cebu is located in the mid-south region of the island. The popularly visited and highly accessible Osmeña Peak is located in the mountain ranges of Southern Cebu. But did you know that upon this area also sits neighboring peaks with equally amazing views? Well on my case, I didn’t. Lately, several mountain peaks went buzzing over the social media. Little did I know that those peaks sit on the same mountain range where … Read More

Canigao Island: Matalom’s Pride

Leaving the island with a heavy heart, I was not yet ready to leave Digyo island yet. Not now when the sun has finally shown itself which amplified the beauty of the island. But we have to. The time is ticking and we still have another beauty to visit. So by around 10 AM, our arranged boat fetched us from the island back to Inopacan. Taking few glimpses on the island makes me want to jump out from the boat. … Read More

Cuatro Islas: Four Islands to Satisfy your Beachlust

Few miles to the east of Cebu lies her geographically bigger sibling, Leyte. Leyte has recently made headlines over the past years due to the great havoc caused by the super typhoon Haiyan, especially in its capital city which is Tacloban. Early May, this year, I got the chance to visit the province but not for the capital city. Instead, we locked our sight on the province’s humble municipalities of Inopacan and Matalom. Both have their own magazine worthy gems. … Read More

La Manok Island (Manocmanoc Island)

An hour of sailing from Carnaza Island, we arrived at the inviting stretch of white pebbles of another island listed on our itinerary. In the middle of the ocean, at the southern part of Masbate, lies a simple yet elegantly alluring small piece of land. Divided into two and connected by a stretch of pebble bar, La Manok (Manocmanoc Island) serves as the resting stop of local fishermen. Contrary to most beliefs, the island is not under Cebu’s jurisdiction. Instead, … Read More

Carnaza Island Left Me Speechless

Lying at the northern tip of Cebu province is another island away from the list of commonly abused tourist spots in Cebu. Carnaza Island sits right at the very tip of the Cebu province’s boundary. The island is under the jurisdiction of Daanbantayan municipality. I’ve heard the name of the island before, but haven’t recorded any story on my head yet. Aside from the images that can be searched over the internet, I have no idea of what the island … Read More

Trip to the Tip of Northern Cebu

There is always something exciting with going to new and unfamiliar places. It opens your eyes to something new and opens your mind to new experiences. I am born and raised in Cebu and have been roaming around its places for years already but have rarely visited the northern part. Cebu does not run out of spots where you can unleash the adrenaline build-up and satisfy the wanderlust in you. I believe there are plenty of remarkable places in the Northern … Read More

Guintarcan Island (La-aw Saltwater Lagoon)

I never knew that aside from the famous Bantayan Island, there is yet another noteworthy island on the northern part of Cebu that can par with the rest of the Philippine islands for its raw beauty. Guintarcan Island (Guintacan/Kinatarkan Island) sits near the northern tip of mainland Cebu and is located between the famous Bantayan Island and Daanbantayan municipality. The island is reachable via ferries that regularly sails from Daanbantayan wharf daily. Within just an hour, you’ll be able to see … Read More

How Travel Changed My Life

It was late in the afternoon while I was waiting for my tea to brew, I was flipping through my travel photos. The smiles, the candid moments, and the magnificent views. Yes, they may just be photos, but embedded on those are the memories and experiences I shared with my friends and others I kept on my own. Memories that made a great impact on my timeline and experiences that changed the way I view life. Experiences that I wouldn’t … Read More

Travel Inspiring Songs

The people around me know that I am a very musical person. If I am now traveling, I might be just around the corner humming or enjoying my favorite playlist. I cannot live a day without music. I believe every moment would be boring without music. Music amplifies the emotions within our soul. It heals, it helps us express and it inspires. Traveling can be very scary for some, myself not exempted. But it was through music that I got … Read More

Why I Almost Stopped Blogging and Vlogging?

I would like to start this post by asking you, readers (if there are any), to not misinterpret the things I am going to express in the following paragraphs. I’d like to tower a DISCLAIMER that these are all my personal opinions, frustrations, thoughts, and realizations. I apologize in advance if you might get offended, know that it is not in my intention, but I just need to express whatever that is looming within myself. Since the day I got … Read More

Fallen Embers – A Once Burning Friendship

Grey started flowing across the skies. Twilight was fading, the night unfolding. We came from different roads aiming towards our own destinations. Fate played with our paths and directed us towards the crossroad. We met at one junction. Meeting masked faces while taking few gazes. Reluctant to trust, for all we saw were blank faces. I knew we’d be stuck with each other. We had to. The world was getting dark and the night is cold. Could have had our individual camps … Read More

Chasing Waterfalls South Cebu

No wonder why Cebu has constantly been recognized as one of the best islands not just in the Philippines but also across the globe. Cebu has a lot to offer. From the beautiful beaches to the mighty mountains. Not just only that, Cebu also has the perfect spots to cool off from the pesky heat of the sun. The cluster of southern municipalities of Cebu is the perfect place for chasing waterfalls. The lining southern municipalities of Cebu, down from Santander up … Read More

Camping Through the Eyes of First Timers

The ocean is my first love. But I found true love on the mountains. -Diane Therese Those were the lines of my friend while we were just casually talking about how we got hooked with camping and backpacking. Among my small circle of close friends, none really got into camping, trekking, nor backpacking. All of us are beach babies I must say. Just thinking about the effort, difficulty and the rawness of mountain camping and trekking, I can’t help but … Read More