Broadway, Here I Come – My Theater Journey

Off we flew from Manila to New York. The ride was so mind-cracking especially if you are not used to just sitting for more than 12-hours straight. But before we proceed, let me tell you how it all began by clicking this link.

Welcome to Broadway, New York! Well, not exactly what you think, but it just wraps the whole feeling of excitement.

Though we were not able to perform in any of the theaters in the broadway grid, because you know how much it takes to block a theater and be able to perform in broadway; it takes years of arrangements. I don’t know, but maybe, someday. Who knows? Right? So the production team was able to secure this small intimate theater inside the Hunter College. It was a small theater and yet it took months for the production team to finalize the arrangements with the theater. I personally did not care, it’s New York!

The stage was small, but the whole team already prepared for multiple adjustments before the tour began. Oh didn’t I mention that this was a tour? This means that we will not be performing in New York alone, but also in the other states as well.

Back to New York. We stayed in New York for a whole week.

We were treated very nicely by the devotees. They prepared our apartments, which by the way, are just beside the temple. I was so glad that the apartments have heaters and hot showers. I assume it is a must for every house in New York, especially with a chilly climate. Aside from that, the devotees were so thoughtful that they provided us lip balms, which are very useful to protect our lips from cracking.

We did our rehearsals at the temple where we also had our meals from time to time. Okay, let me talk about the meals.

I am not really a breakfast type of person, but because of the sumptuous meals that the temple masters and devotees prepared for us everyday, especially during mornings, breakfast is now my favorite time of the day. I don’t know exactly how they do it, everything is vegetarian but my exploratory taste buds seem to approve. Oh, they serve typical American breakfast as well. Just thinking about the morning bread toast, the butter, jams, cereals, milk, and coffee is enough to crave for breakfast right now. I might give the credits of my weight gain to New York. Or maybe to my lack of control.

A dream come true in New York!

Of course we did not visit New York just to perform. We were treated with surprises by the temple community. They toured us around the crowded streets of Manhattan, which, for me, is the soul of New York City. I, myself, witnessed the busy streets, bliding lights, and the gargatuan sky scrapers. It really is a city that never sleeps.

Then they surprised us with tickets to broadway shows. What?! I screamed deep inside out of my excitement. I never really thought that I will be able to see an actual broadway show inside an actual theater in broadway strip. A dream come true indeed.

We watched the classic “The Phantom of the Opera”, which blew my mind. Also, we did not miss one of my childhood favorites, “Aladdin”. The shows were breath taking and watching it live was a surreal experience.

Just when I thought those were all it, another exciting destination was waiting for us. Who visits New York without seeing the actual iconic figure of not just the state, but the entire USA, the iconic Statue of Liberty? Not us. It was a freezing weather that day, but we brazed through just to see the historical figure.

I was so glad that I was able to step on one of my dream cities, and to be parted with good memories and experiences along with it.

A feast to cap-off our New York leg.

One week was over and we need to leave the city for our next stop, which is Texas! Let’s go country baby and we can do rodeo all the way!


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