Hoyohoy Highland

Hoyohoy Highland – Tangub’s breather

Hoyohoy Highland is a mountain resort located in the heart of Tangub City, Misamis Occidental. It houses the once longest zipline in the Philippines. I had the chance to visit this place during our Ultimate Zamboanga Trip.

Straight from the airport of Ozamiz City, we were then fetched by my friend’s family by their own private car. We were supposed to go straight to their hometown in Dumingag but opted to stop-over to several spots including Ozamiz City and Tangub City’s Hoyohoy Highlands.

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Hoyohoy Highland

Hoyohoy Highlands is in the mountain ranges surrounding Mt. Malindang. The only way to get to the place is by a private car or you can contact the resort in advance so that they may arrange a transportation for you.

Hoyohoy Highland

Coursing through the city was easy. The streets were almost empty making our trip a breeze. Pine trees started showing as we gain elevation while the city view serves as the backdrop. After an hour of drive, we finally arrived at the entrance of the resort. Cool mountain air greeted my cheeks negating the piercing heart of the sun.

There is something magical about the mountains. By the moment I stepped out from the car, the mountain woke the child in me. I cannot exactly explain it. The trees, the grass, the flowers, and even the air, seems to have converged to lull every visitor to sleep.

Unfortunately, the resort’s zip line was not available. I wasn’t able to extract the reason as to why. Regardless, with the entrance fee of just 50 pesos, you will be treated with an experience of peace and tranquility by the arms of mother nature. Plus, there is a small botanical garden where you can actually buy and take home different classes of flowering and fruit plants.

Hoyohoy Highland
  • Just because the visitors paid an entrance fee does not mean we can do anything.
  • Please consider other visitors and respect their personal space especially when they wanted to savor the tranquility and silence of the mountain.
  • Enjoy the cool breeze and the peace and serenity.
  • Please observe cleanliness and practice LNT (Leave No Trace).
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