Eriberta Cold Spring

Imagine yourself like a kid strolling on the streets on a winter day, with no coats on or whatsoever. Shivering from the breeze but still, with eyes full of wonder. Not caring of the cold, but instead, lying on the ground laughing while making a snow angel. Well that was what I was like when I experienced the cold waters of Eriberta Cold Spring.

Eriberta Cold Spring is located in Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur. It is quite popular among the locals and usually their go-to to fend off the heat especially during summer days. The place is usually filled up with visitors especially during weekends and holidays when people spend time with their families. Though not far from the main highway, one must still conquer the rough and sometimes muddy roads going to the spring. Anyone can go there by private transportation or by chartering a habal-habal. We were lucky we used our friend’s family car to get there. Eriberta Cold Spring is one of our side trips during our Zamboanga trip.

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Even while we were still on the highway, the skies started rolling out its mood. As the weather swang between its blithe smile and grey frown, the air grew colder and colder. Just as we hopped out from the car, the heavens started spilling clues of the outcome of its mood swing. My feet then started wandering, marking every corner of the resort. Cold waters springing and gushing strong from the ground on every corner of the resort. Man-made structures made to complement the waters. Concrete pools serve as the catch basin of the water with a water fountain erected at the center. Cottages on every corner for visitors to stay which can be rented for a day.

Eriberta Cold Spring

The view of the crowd depleted my interest but their smiles and laughter showed the fun they are having shook my curiosity. My friends started enjoying the waters pulling me to join them. Just from the mist sprayed by the rushing waters, I can already sense the coldness of the spring. The weather even made it worse. The cold air pierced right through my body down to my spine. I was literally shivering. I decided not to dip in, yet my persistent friends kept on convincing me to join them. I rarely visit Mindanao and it would be my only chance to visit the place; on the other hand, the rain has started its pre-orchestra so might as well soak in and enjoy the water.

Eriberta Cold Spring

The first few moments were literally an icy torture for me. Feels like Jack Frost nipping starting from my toes up to every follicle of my hair, freezing every bit of it. As my skin started getting numb, tingling sensations invade every muscle in my body spasming even down to my bones. Then my body adjusted to the temperature eventually. Feels like my body being thawed. That’s when I started enjoying the water and appreciate what everybody else was enjoying that time.

Hours passed and the rain started its feast. It was literally a heavy downpour. It triggered us to call it a day as the spring started turning brown due to the muddy soil. We hurriedly made it to our friend’s family car and headed straight to their hometown in Dumingag. Since we were soaking wet, we hopped on their pick-up truck and enjoyed the rain even more. The engine started and we headed to the main highway. As we were speeding through the street, raindrops induced smiles on our faces. On the other hand, I still managed to let out a grin while enduring an excruciating agony brought by the cold air whisking through our damp bodies. At last, after around an hour, we finally arrived at the residence of my friend where we stayed and spent the night while preparing for the next leg of our Ultimate Zamboanga Trip.

Eriberta Cold Spring

  • Get yourself to the municipality of Mahayag. There are buses and vans from the nearby cities of Tangub, Ozamiz, and Dapitan which will pass through the municipality of Mahayag.
  • Disembark at Mahayag public market.
  • Charter a habal-habal to get you to Eriberta Cold Spring.
  • Or you can drive your private car and follow the map as shown on the Google Maps.
  • Though each visitor pays an entrance fee, still, it is not an excuse for us to just leave our trash on the place. There are trash bins in the place where you can properly dispose your trash.
  • Always practice and observe LNT (Leave No Trace) principle.
  • A spacious parking lot is available but can be full especially during peak days (Weekends and Holidays).
  • The resort provides toilet rooms and shower stalls for the visitors.

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