Greet the sun at Kiltepan!

Kiltepan Peak has been one of the must visit places in Sagada. How couldn’t it be? With one of the best sunrise view, you’ll never regret waiting for several hours for the sun to rise up.


Kiltepan Peak is located in Sagada. It is also included on the list of tours within the municipality.

How to get to Sagada:

  • From Baguio City ride a bus bound for Sagada-Besao. GL Trans buses depart from Baguio’s Dangwa terminal as early as 6AM (first trip).
  • The trip will usually last about 6 hours with two stops. Fare is around 220php.
  • Register at Sagada Tourism Office and pay fees.

How to get to the Peak:

There are two options to get to the peak.

  1. Book a tour with the Tourism Office.
    • Upon arriving in Sagada, ask the tourism office to book you a ride to the peak early morning of the next day.
    • Rates usually go to 500php/group of 4.
  2. Trek and camp all the way at the peak and save money
    • The peak can be trekked for an hour or more starting from the Sagada Municipal Hall. Trek duration depends on your pace.
    • From the Municipal Hall, follow Staunton road, opposite of Sagada-Besao road.
    • You’ll reach Petron Gas Station and there’s a road beside it with a sign saying Kiltepan Peak. Follow the road straight up and at the end of the road is the peak and the camping area.

What to expect:

  • Great sunrise view
  • Extremely cold temperature. Do bring jackets.
  • Huge crowd, most especially during weekends and holidays.
  • Garbage everywhere contributed by irresponsible tourists.
  • There are now stalls on the area offering food and coffee to warm the visitors.

This was not my first time visiting Sagada. I have visited Sagada years ago, but failed to visit the peak due to weather disturbances during that time. So far the view at the peak did not fail my expectation. Clearing at the peak may take a longer time than expected so better be patient. At the end, your patience will eventually be rewarded with the great view of the sun and the clouds. Looking at it would make you believe as if you are standing above the clouds and about to enter heaven. It was heavenly indeed.

One thing I was disappointed was, when the crowd started to disperse, there were tons of garbage left on the place. Some visitors really are just selfish and irresponsible. All they care is that they were able to witness and take pictures of the view. Without even the slightest hint of preserving the natural beauty and cleanliness of the place.


So if you are planning to visit Kiltepan or any tourist spot, please do help in preserving the place and maintain its cleanliness. Also please do observe and preserve the natural beauty and ecosystem of the place. Do not just pick any flowers or disturb any wild creatures.


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