Potter for a moment at Sagada Pottery

We all have our own way of relaxation. Be it travelling, doing exercise or yoga, reading books, enjoying music, or just laying flat on your bed. Pottery maybe a curious way of relaxation, but it has already made noise over the social media and throughout the internet claiming it to be relaxing.

Pottery does not only involve the molding of the clay alone. The process begins from selecting and studying the right clay.The clay has to be filtered and undergo it to several processes before making it to the pottery wheel to be molded by the potter.

How to get there:

  • From Sagada Municipal Hall, follow the Sagada-Besao road until you reach a house with a sign “Sagada Pottery”

What to expect:

  • Pots of course
  • They also offer hand-on experience with short lecture to visitors for a certain fee
  • The house functions like a warehouse of pots
  • There are pots for sale
  • They also sell home-made wheat breads.

This was my first time trying out pottery. Looking at how potters mold the clay makes me think that this would be easy. Little did I know that this thing requires gentle hands and extreme control. True enough, though it takes time get the feel, but pottery does have its own way of relaxing and calming yourself.


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    1. Balik na. Unya shagit2 daun sa kiltepan ala Angelica. “Ayoko na! Ayoko na masaktan!!” Bhahahaha 😂

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