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Langun – Gobingob Cave in Samar (Langun Cave): Into A New World

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Beep… beep… beep” went the alarm of my phone. We were supposed to get up now but our bodies demanded more rest and the sleep-inducing air did not allow us to break out from our slumber yet. Everybody is still asleep and the wild snoring sounds echoed inside the cave’s chamber. Fighting against my urges to go back to sleep, I forced my eyes to slowly open up as I reached out for my phone to check-out the time. To my surprise, it was already past 7 AM. Well, I could not believe it as it was too dark for a morning hour. I wore my glasses and rechecked the time. As I looked at my phone’s screen, it says 7:20 AM. Only a few minutes left before our scheduled time for our trek to Langun Cave.

My body clock went really crazy that time. It felt like it was still evening because of the temperature and the darkness inside the cave. But time waits for no one.

Langun Cave
Our mighty guides and porters.

We slowly got up and prepared for the second segment of our adventure. We gathered around and fueled our bodies with a quick breakfast before packing up and heading on our way to Langun Cave.

From Gobingob to Langun Cave

Langun Cave and Gobingob Cave are two huge cave systems connected by a small passageway. Langun Cave is a wet cave compared to Gobingog Cave which is the drier one among the two, that is because Gobingob system is positioned on a higher ground, while Langun is more of an underground system. Nevertheless, both these caves have ginormous chambers. Titanic stalactite and stalagmite formations are commonly present on every corner of these caves.

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A challenging starter

From Gobingob Cave, we passed through several hills and mountains of boulders to get to the boundary between the caves.

Langun Cave

It was still the usual challenging uphill and downhills until we reached to a vertical death drop cliff. It made me stop for a while, thinking they must be joking. There should be another way around. But no! It came to my realization that we really have to get down from the cliff the moment the guides pulled out the rappelling equipment. While they were busy setting up the ropes, I was there trying to scale the depth of the cliff but it was too dark to see the bottom of the ground.

Langun Cave

It really is scary at first, especially when you don’t know how high the cliff is. I won’t deny that there were negative thoughts clouding my mind that time. I was party scared and doubtful. “What if I slip? Or what if the rope suddenly snapped?” But seeing the guides easily went down with their huge bags and even without using the ropes somehow gave me a bit of assurance that everything is safe.

Langun Cave
A young kid can do it. Why can’t you?

Not able to see the bottom somehow reduced the feeling of being scared. But still, I was gripping like crazy on my descent. The feeling upon reaching the ground was a relief. Watching from the bottom, I saw how high the cliff is. It was about a hundred feet high, probably. I felt like tapping my back for being able to pass the test. It was definitely an achievement. But that was just the start of our Langun Cave adventure.

Traversing towards Langun Cave

Transitioning from Gobingob to Langun Cave is literally muddy. Slipping and or getting stuck on the muddy trails is normal. You might let out several laughs and giggles as you watch your companion or yourself slipping and falling on all fours.

Langun Cave

That surely adds the fun of the entire experience aside from the dumbfounding huge chambers and towering columns, stalactite, and stalagmite formations.

Langun Cave

Going barefoot is tempting if only you are not going to pass through the ankle-high layer of smelly bat dung especially near the mouth of Langun Cave.

Langun Cave Camp Area

After several hours of trek, the enthralling entrance of Langun Cave is finally visible.

Langun Cave

A little more walk and we finally arrived at our camping area where we settled and rested for a while. While waiting for night-time, we spent our time taking photos with the picturesque structures of the cave.

Langun Cave

Langun Cave

I was careless to forget the early warning of poison ivy plants at the mouth of the cave.

Langun Cave

I enjoyed the view so much that I did not notice that I was already stung by one until I felt the burning sensation on my shin.

It was around 5 in the afternoon when we heard a baffling sound getting louder and louder. When we looked up at the cave’s mouth, we saw a swarm of bats getting out from the cave.

Langun Cave

It was so amazing seeing it with my own two eyes. It lasted for around five minutes before the skies cleared up.

Into A New World

After we had our dinner, it’s time again to venture into another exciting exploration. Langun Cave system is located underground. One has to descend through a pit-like hole to get to the highlight entrance of the cave system.

Langun Cave

Langun Cave

Before witnessing the world inside the cave system, you have to squeeze through a small passage and slither yourself in.

Langun Cave

Langun Cave

The exciting part is the possibility of a snake awaiting at the end part of the passage. Worry not, some of the guides go first to clear the way and shoo the snakes just in case.

Inside is another set of huge chambers. As we traversed and continued our exploration, I felt like being transported to another world. Just like in Gobingob Cave, Langun Cave has a living ecosystem thriving and hidden away from the surface. But unlike Gobingob Cave, Langun Cave has more water system. I barely can’t believe my eyes seeing landscapes, waterfalls, rivers, and even islets inside the cave. It definitely is nature’s masterpiece reserved only for the brave souls who can dare explore beyond the common surface.

Langun Cave

Langun Cave

Every spot we pass squeezes out words of awe and amazement from out mouth. Everything is surreal and unbelievable. It really is a whole new world inside the cave. We were not just passing through every highlight inside the cave, we also had fun. Sliding through the muds like kids and splashing the waters with our feet as we pass through the rivers.

Langun Cave

Langun Cave

Enjoying and soaking in the cold waters was a way of washing our bodies from the dirt and a way to relax our sore bodies from the adventures we had.

A peaceful sleep

It was already dawn when we came back to our campsite. We immediately changed our clothes and settled for rest.

Langun Cave

Everybody was already at the peak of sleep when suddenly Sir Joni’s wife shouted “Snake!”. Everyone was alerted and we turned our lights on to check.

Langun Cave

Indeed it was more than a meter long snake slithering from our campsite and heading underground towards the lower cave system. Luckily no one was hurt. Now back to sleep. Nothing can stop a tired body from getting its due rest.

Departing from Langun Cave and finally poop!

Early morning and everybody was preparing for our last meal before leaving the cave. While everybody was busy, I was there contemplating and happy to finally be able to poop. At last, the day has come to finally be able to release what I have held for more than 2 days. I honestly was eager to get out of the cave and finally put a stop from popping loperamide tablets every now and then.

Langun Cave

Langun Cave

All things packed and we are all ready to bid goodbye to Langun Cave. It was really a memorable experience spending more than 2 days inside the caves. I was saying my thanks to the caves as we ascended outside the cave. I thank God for keeping us safe the entire exploration of Langun Cave and Gobingob Cave.

Before reaching back to the civilization, we still have to trek for more than two hours. With hours of walking, I felt like my poop dissolved. I am not feeling it anymore. *Could there be a scientific explanation behind it?* We were running out of potable water. But luckily, after trekking for several hours, we reached a spot with coconut trees. Kuya Lando got us some coconuts to replenish our liquids.

After a few kilometers, we finally made it back to the civilization.

Langun Cave

Langun Cave

We rested for a while before heading to Calbiga proper. That concludes our 2-day Langun Cave – Gobingob Cave Exploration. But that was just the first part of our Samar Adventure trip, as Sir Joni still wanted to take us to the other spots in Samar.

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Special thanks to Sir Joni Bonifacio

Sir Joni Bonifacio is a cave master in Samar. He is one of the few people with the drive to explore and promote the caves and other natural attractions on the island. Sir Joni Bonifacio is a man of adventure with a vision. He sees Samar’s tourism on the pedestal some day. His aim to promote the tourism of the island and his effort to achieve this is beyond compare.

Langun Cave

My sincere thanks to Sir Joni for letting us experience this wonderful and different kind of adventure. It was truly a memorable and mind-opening experience. I experienced so many new things during the entire adventure.


Langun Cave

  • I highly recommend you contact Sir Joni Bonifacio. Here’s how and why:
    • Experienced cave master. With caving experience for more than two decades.
    • Equipped with essential gears and tools.
    • Has a network of cave guides in contact.
    • Passionate about promoting the island’s cave tourism.
    • Educates and orients guests on what to do and what not.
    • Equips guests with information and facts with regards to caving.
    • Very informative. All fun. No worries. Very accommodating.
    • You can contact him through his website:

Langun Cave

  • There are several notes to observe when staying inside the cave. So listen attentively during orientations.
  • Your safety lies in how you comply with the rules and guides set by the cave master.
  • All that glitters are for the eyes only. Don’t touch the pristine stalagmite and stalactite formations.
  • Never litter. 
  • Bring dry tissue papers, wet wipes, and alcohol for personal hygiene. You’ll be spending several days with no shower.
  • Bring enough potable water for consumption for several days.
    • The trek exploration can be very exhausting that’ll make you consume a lot of water.
  • Bring extra batteries for your gadgets and flashlights.
  • If you have a sensitive stomach, better be prepared with OTC medications like loperamide.
  • Lastly, enjoy and appreciate the world inside the cave
    • Don’t forget your souvenir pictures.

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