Malumpati Spring: One of the Cleanest Cold Springs

Malumpati Cold Spring is another less visited gem in Pandan, Aklan. Nearby is Bugang River which is one of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines. As what I know, Bugang River serves as the exit point of the water coming from the spring. From Roxas City’s Integrated Transport Terminal, we rode a van bound for Kalibo. There are also buses available, but they leave by schedule. Vans are also faster since there are fewer passengers and stops. The trip from Roxas to Kalibo took around 2 hours. We disembarked at Kalibo Ceres Bus Terminal.

From the terminal, we took the 1:30 PM bus trip bound for San Jose and had the driver drop us at Pandan-Libertad intersection. The trip was roughly about an hour. From the intersection, we chartered a tricycle for our back and forth trip to the Cold Spring. On the way, you’ll pass Bugang River.

malumpati cold spring
Bugang River

What to expect?

It was a very rough road heading to the spring since it was still under construction. No wonder the tricycle driver demanded a higher price. An entrance fee will be collected upon arriving at the spring’s vicinity. I can say that the spring is very well maintained by the local residents and the local government agency. There are decent and clean shower and comfort rooms available. The spring was indeed cold and deep. An improvised diving platform is also present where you can jump and dive to the deeper part of the spring. Freshwater fishes can be seen swimming in the water. There are nearby stores in the area where you can buy your snacks and there are also floaters for rent.

malumpati cold spring

malumpati cold spring

malumpati cold spring

After we enjoyed the spring, the tricycle driver took us to Pandan’s Public Terminal where we took a bus bound South. We asked the bus driver to drop us in Culasi proper for our next day adventure. There are trips going south as late as 7 PM as stated by the locals we asked.

Click here to see where we went the following day.
Check out all our destinations for this trip.
  • 09:45   ETD from Baybay to Roxas terminal via jeepney and tricycle (10php each)
  • 10:52   ETD from Roxas terminal to Kalibo via van (120php)
  • 13:30   ETD from Roxas terminal to Pandan-Libertad intersection (85php)
  • 14:45   ETA in Pandan-Libertad intersection (quick break)
  • 15:15   ETD to Malumpati Cold Spring via chartered tricycle (400php back and forth)
  • 15:50   ETA in Malumpati Cold Spring (40php entrance fee)
  • 17:10   ETD to Pandan terminal
  • 17:50   ETD to Culasi
  • 18:50   ETA in Culasi proper

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