Coron and the Effects of Booming Tourism

It’s not a secret that Palawan is indeed a paradise. I must say it is one of the front liners of Philippines tourism. With its beautiful islands, beaches, and diverse marine life, Palawan can easily rival and even outclass the likes of Maldives, and the beaches of Thailand and Hawaii. … Read More

How Travel Changed My Life

It was late in the afternoon while I was waiting for my tea to brew, I was flipping through my travel photos. The smiles, the candid moments, and the magnificent views. Yes, they may just be photos, but embedded on those are the memories and experiences I shared with my … Read More

Travel Inspiring Songs

The people around me know that I am a very musical person. If I am now traveling, I might be just around the corner humming or enjoying my favorite playlist. I cannot live a day without music. I believe every moment would be boring without music. Music amplifies the emotions … Read More

Why I Almost Stopped Blogging and Vlogging?

I would like to start this post by asking you, readers (if there are any), to not misinterpret the things I am going to express in the following paragraphs. I’d like to tower a DISCLAIMER that these are all my personal opinions, frustrations, thoughts, and realizations. I apologize in advance … Read More

Fallen Embers – A Once Burning Friendship

Grey started flowing across the skies. Twilight was fading, the night unfolding. We came from different roads aiming towards our own destinations. Fate played with our paths and directed us towards the crossroad. We met at one junction. Meeting masked faces while taking few gazes. Reluctant to trust, for all we … Read More

Trekking Preparation Tips For Beginners

I remember the very first time I climbed a mountain. It was just a day trek and we climbed Mt. Babag in Cebu. Since it was my first time, I didn’t even have a glimpse of an idea about the preparation prior the trek. I was wearing ordinary casual rubber … Read More