Red Rock Hot Spring: Relax and Invigorate

To hot from cold.

red rock hot spring entrance
photo by Earl Roma


Chilled and cold, after few minutes of enjoying the cold waters of Pulangbato Waterfall, we rode back on our chartered habal-habal to go back to Valencia proper and ready ourselves for our trip back to Cebu. As we were heading back, the drivers suggested we take a dip on the nearby hot spring. Of course, we did not let the chance pass. Not far away from the Pulangbato is another hot spot for visitors. When I say hot, I mean literally hot. Around a kilometer away or less is the Red Rock Hot Spring. When we arrived on the place, an entrance fee of 40 pesos was collected. They also sell and prepare foods for the visitors. Also, there is a sari-sari store within the spring vicinity. There are tables and mini cottages around the spring which can be rented. We left our bags in one of the tables available.


Thank God for Hot Springs.

water source of red rock hot spring


Without time to waste, we then took a dip on the relaxing spring water. As I slowly dipped myself, starting from my foot, I can then already feel the warmth and the therapeutic touch of the water. Ugh! Indeed, it felt so relieving. The water was so relaxing. It was not that hot. The temperature was simply perfect. I just love hot springs. The spring emits fumes, but the smell of it is already tolerable. The spring has the same characteristic with the Pulangbato Waterfall. The rocks on the spring also has a reddish hue, and can likely stain your clothes. We stayed on the spring for about 20 minutes or so.


Now we’re relaxed. Let’s go back home(?)outside red rock hot spring


Carried over by the relaxing feeling, we were not able to realize that it was already noon. Concerned for our habal-habal drivers that they might already be hungry and wanted to take their lunch already, we got out from the water and immediately got on our clothes. We then left the place and looked for the drivers. It was obvious that the drivers were already eager to get back. The drivers stepped up on the gas pedals as we rushed back to the municipal proper. It did not take us more than 20 minutes to finally reach the municipal proper where we were dropped by the drivers. Before heading back to our accommodation, we took our lunch first on the nearby karenderia. After we got our bellies filled, we headed straight to our accommodation which is just a walk away.

Hurriedly showered, packed our bags and prepped ourselves, we then were ready to go back to Sibulan port to catch a ferry bound for Cebu. Then suddenly a great news popped. “All water vehicles are not allowed to sail due to incoming typhoon.” Ugh! What a great news indeed! Stranded and no idea on what to do, we were left lying back on the beds, slouching on the couch and browsing over the internet waiting for the next news update. We did everything just to get away from boredom. From movie watching to online mobile games. As for me, I get my self busy by filming random clips for my vlog. *coughs* click here for my YouTube channel and please do SUBSCRIBE. 😉


Boredome. Desperation. Great News!

bored in Valencia


We stayed another day in Valencia, good thing we spent no dime for our accommodation since it was our friend’s empty family house we occupied. It was the following day that everybody got so desperate. I have no much cash left and there was no working ATM readily available around. Just when our desperation grew, good news came. It was early afternoon when our friend saw the news over Facebook that the port authority has lifted and allowed the sailing of water vehicles. We then hastily grabbed our bags and went straight to Sibulan port to secure our ferry tickets. Thankfully, we made it in time and secured ourselves tickets. We were able to sail at around 3 in the afternoon. Dead tired and energy zapped, I slept all the way on the ferry and on the bus until we arrived back in Cebu City.

It was all hell of an experience especially when we got stranded due to the storm. It was my first time getting stranded actually and I can say that getting stranded is really not okay.


Also, I created a vlog for this trip. Watch it, enjoy and SUBSCRIBE!

16 Replies to “Red Rock Hot Spring: Relax and Invigorate”

  1. I usually prefer springs (especially the hot ones) from pools. Red Rock’s looks like the perfect place to dip one’s exhausted body. Too bad it’s on a separate island. The only hot spring that I know (so far) here in Cebu is the one in Malabuyoc, but its surface area doesn’t even come close to this one 😞


  2. I’ve been to the other hot spring near this (unfortunately, I forget its name). I never heard of Red Rock Hot Spring before. I wish I did! I could have include this during our tour before.


  3. Maka-relax jd ang hot springs ayy! Hihi. But dili kayku ganhan if isog ang baho (like sa Malabuyoc, baho itlog).


    1. Well unfortunately, ana gyud iyang smell. Mas isog pa gani siya kumpara sa Malabuyoc. Hahahaha


      1. Ayy mao?? Sa Camiguin di man kaau tu. Hoho. Mag anad nlng ko anis bahos itlog hahahah


  4. How hot was it?

    It’s really nice to have a quick dip in hot springs. Reminds me of the onsen in Mambukal. Waaah, I miss those springs and the 7 waterfalls.

    On a side note, louya sa drivers uy, gigutom na 🙂


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