When This Pandemic (COVID-19) Is Over…

It’s currently 12 o’clock noon right now and I am here in our couch writing this article. While stuck in our house for almost a month, I am juggling between house chores and my job. Fortunately for me, I can do my job at home. But my heart and cheer are drawn for those who couragely budge through the day just to feed their family. Also to the frontliners who exert their best effort in helping contain and prevent the escalation of this current pandemic.

The world is in crisis right now. Different views and clashing opinions. But it is not division we need right now. No need to scream who’s right and blame who’s wrong. What the world needs right now is understanding, compassion, cooperation, and team work. Humans are resilient creatures. We’ve been through countless crisis, and I believe the current pandemic is not the one to bring the spirit of humanity down. As one, we can get through this and we will be stepping this pandemic down on our feet. We maybe in a hard time right now, but let us all claim the hope that there will always be a brighter tommorrow.

Let us all see the brighter side of every situation. Though the current pandemic may have brought panic in our community, but it made us realise what we hold important in our heart, indirectly pressing the reset button for our priorities. News of clearer skies and cleaner rivers and oceans are proofs that the world is undergoing a reset clean-up to be a better home for us, humans, when this crisis is over.

When this pandemic is over, I wish everyone healing. I hope for a stronger sense of community and hope everyone will take part in preserving our home, Earth.

As Filipinos, let us join hands as we rise up again from the ashes as we always do. May we unite in rebuilding our economy instead of bashing and bringing down each other. Let our saying “Tangkilikin ang sariling atin.” prevail.

Buy from local markets instead from giant grocery companies. Our fellow local farmers need the money more. Owners of big companies are already living the luxury and thus need the money less.

Stay at local homestays and inns instead of luxury hotels especially the foreign-owned ones.

Eat and buy local recipes and delicacies instead of dining at expensive and luxurious restaurants. Aside from helping our local economy, we’ll have the chance of exploring undiscovered flavours that only our country can offer.

Eat and buy locally harvested and sold vegetables and fruits instead of the ones imported and sold at large supermarkets. Get to taste the produce of our land and appreciate the labors of our local farmers and vendors.

Lastly, travel and visit our local places instead of the touristy international destinations. Our country is already a feast of beauty. From beautiful beaches, thrilling mountains, and colorful festivals.

More than a thousand of islands are waiting to be discovered and to welcome you and give you the best experiences in your life. Not only you’ll get to help our local economy, but also discover and get to understand the diverse culture of our country that molded us, resilient Filipinos, to what we are now.

Together we can do this. This too shall pass.

2 Replies to “When This Pandemic (COVID-19) Is Over…”

  1. I hope every Filipino would realize how important it is to support our locals. Thank you for sharing your article. In God’s perfect time, everything will be back to normal but for now, let’s give time for our nature to heal.


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