A Quick Davao City Getaway

Davao City is one of the major cities in the country, yet I haven’t visited it even once. Not until our last major climb which was a traverse from Mt. … Continue reading A Quick Davao City Getaway

Cotabato City and Nearby Places to Visit

A city haunted by its dark reputation of family feuds and civil wars, Cotabato City stands still and strong amidst the dark smoke of these histories and rumors. Flaunting its … Continue reading Cotabato City and Nearby Places to Visit


Ultimate Zamboanga Trip

It all started with my friend informally inviting us to his trip. Actually, I am not yet sure if he was damn serious or was just kidding when he invited … Continue reading Ultimate Zamboanga Trip

A Gratitude For 2016 Adventures

Before the year 2016 ends, I would like to honor it by looking back on the journeys it has brought me. Each year has always been a year of discovery and adventures. Every destination comes with another learning. Through the years, I have learned and gained new lessons as I grow into the man I hope to be and I will be.