Iloilo City: Queen’s City in the South

On our last day of our trip, we decided to go rampage on our foodtrip in Iloilo City.

iloilo city

iloilo city

What to do in Iloilo City? Well, foodtrip is for sure. You must try their famous batchoy in La Paz market. Specifically in Netong’s Batchoy which was already featured in several magazine TV shows. Another one you must try is peculiar coffee preparation in Madge Cafe just near Netong’s and inside the market.

iloilo city
Netong’s Batchoy

iloilo city

You can visit their picturesque Molo Church and the mansion across it. There are also several street foods and “kakanin” on the streets near the church.

iloilo city
Molo Church

At night, you can stoll in their riverside blvd, more commonly known as The Espalanade. There are also bars with live bands and restaurants near the boulevard. You can also party on their known party areas like the Smallville 21 and on the other near establishments.

iloilo city

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