Guimbal and Miagao Church: A Trace of Hispanic Heritage

Getting to Guimbal and Miagao Church from Iloilo City is easy. Just get youself near Molo church where you’ll ride a jeepney bound for Mohon terminal. Just ask the locals is you are unsure of what jeepney to take. From Mohon terminal, there are plenty of jeepneys heading to Miagao for around 40php. Miagao is just an hour away from Iloilo City. In Miagao, there are plenty of places you can visit and things you can do. Though each are in different locations within the municipality. We just visited the famous Miagao Church before proceeding to Guimbal municipality, which we just passed when we headed to Miagao.

The same thing we just did in Guimbal. We just took some photos on the places and left.

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miagao church
The facade of Miagao Church
miagao church
Guimbal Church

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