Tinuy-an Falls: The Cascade Of Beauty

Tinuy-an Falls is yet another gem the Philippines can be proud of. This waterfall is perfectly carved to form a giant ladder-like structure. Each level somehow is perfectly sliced by nature.

tinuy-an falls

Tinuy-an Falls is located in Bislig in the province of Surigao del Sur. Last August 29, 2016, I was able to visit this waterfall.

tinuy-an falls

How I got to Bislig:

  • I flew from Cebu to Butuan.
  • From Butuan there are buses and vans available that will take you to Bislig City, or locally known as Mangagoy  (which is the city’s downtown area).
  • Direct trips from Butuan to Mangagoy gets infrequent as evening approaches. Better do multiple trips to save time, when you arrive late in Butuan. Trips from Butuan to San Francisco “San Frans” or Hinatuan are more common. Catch those trips, then from San Francisco or Hinatuan, catch another trip to Bislig.
  • Since I arrived in Butuan late in the afternoon, I did a multiple trip. I got the San Francisco route, then Bislig.

Where I stayed:

  • There are several inns and hotels in Mangagoy, each with different price range and each can easily be searched and reached via the internet.
  • I stayed in Sleep Inn which offers a room good for 3 people for 600php per night, enough for me and my two other friends. The room does not have a private bathroom, but instead has a common bathroom to be shared with guests with no private bathrooms as well.
  • The place was good enough just for a one night stay.

How to get to the waterfall:

  • The waterfall is quite famous in the city, so getting to the waterfall is easy. You can just ask the locals and they can advise you the best way to get to the waterfall.
  • The waterfall is actually just around 30 minutes away from Mangagoy via motorcycle.
  • From Mangagoy downtown area, ride a motorcycle/tricycle going to Tinuy-an intersection. Fares usually go around 10php.
  • From Tinuy-an intersection, there are motorcycles waiting to take visitors to the waterfall and back for 100php per head.

What to expect:

  • Upon arriving on the waterfall area, a 50php per head will be collected as environmental/entrance fee.
  • There are also life jackets available for rent.
  • There are also table areas and cottages that are open for rent.
  • If one wishes to go on the higher level of the falls, a guide is a must. The guides just accepts tips depending on your generosity.
  • Expect large crowds especially during peak season and or summer, weekend, and holiday breaks.

It rarely rained days prior when we visited Tinuy-an so it was a bit dried up. Nevertheless, it did not lessen the beauty of the waterfall.

tinuy-an falls


  • Better get on the place early for lesser crowd.
  • Late afternoon is also good for photos especially during golden hours.

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