Danasan Eco Adventure Park : Wakeboarding


When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Well, I just did. Wakeboarding that is. April 25, 2015, when our company went for a summer activity. It was decided that we’ll spend it in Danasan Eco Adventure Park.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park is located somewhere in the mountains of Danao City, Cebu. It is a multiple hectare-land turned to activity and recreational park. The park is a privately owned property. They offer packages that’ll cater the overnight and walk-in guests. The rates are quite pricey, though.

We arrived at 9 AM and proceeded with our team building activities. They have a small open area where you can do your activities. On that area also are cottages available for guests to stay. We rented a single cottage enough to shade us from the heat of the sun.

danasan eco adventure park

After our activity, we proceeded with our lunch then went onto the different activity packages we selected.

There are plenty of activities that can be selected. From extreme rides and sports to nature trekking. I chose one of each. These were river/waterfall trek and wake boarding.

danasan eco adventure park

Unfortunately, I did not appreciate much the river/waterfall trek since it was in the middle of summer and drought, so the river and waterfalls are almost dried up. Also, I already witnessed several amazing waterfalls and rivers before that I can’t help but compare.

Next one is wake boarding. I chose this one since I haven’t tried this yet. Since I am new to this, I was redirected to the beginner’s section, where there are fewer ramps and obstacles. Before starting, each beginner guests were taught by the instructor of the proper stance and techniques. Of course, you would expect some flops on the first tries, which did not exempt me. Slowly, as I got the feeling and the correct technique, I started to like the sport and even dared trying beginner stunts. The experience was exhilarating but addicting at the same time.

danasan eco adventure park

We ended our day tired and satisfied. Still, I haven’t gotten off the hang of wakeboarding.


My officemate/co-blogger also has her own blog for this trip. Check out Ayisharu’s blog here.

How to get to Danasan Eco Park

Note: The park offers transportation services for customers. I recommend this one for a hassle-free trip. Another option is to bring or charter a private vehicle, and or do multiple rides
  • From Cebu City, ride a bus or jeepney bound for Danao City.
  • Upon reaching Danao terminal or Gaisano Capital Danao, you can charter a “habal-habal” to get you to the park.
  • From Danao, it’ll roughly take around an hour or two of bumpy and ascending ride to get to the place.

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