Wakat Cave: A Droplet of Wonder

Wakat Cave has just started to make noise in social media. The cave actually has no official name. It just so happened that the cave is in Brgy. Wakat. The cave has clear waters which I don’t really know whether it came from the nearby sea or if there is some sort of spring beyond the cave’s length.

The cave is located right on the highway from Barobo to Lianga. It sits right on the entrance of Brgy. Wakat of Barobo.

How to get there:

  • If you are from other places, then get yourself to either Lianga or Barobo.
  • From Lianga, simply ride a jeepney bound for Barobo and drop on the specific point where you can see the signage as seen on the image above.
  • From Barobo, simply ride a jeepney bound for Diatagon, Lianga and drop on the specific point where you can see the signage as on the image above.

How I got there:

  • The cave initially made into our itinerary but we eventually crashed it out. But since the motorcycle we chartered can only drop us in Barobo, might as well visit the cave.
  • We came from Libuacan Cold Spring in Tagbina prior to this cave. The motorcycle we chartered should supposedly only take us from Hinatuan terminal to Libuacan then to a place in Barobo where we can ride a jeepney to Lianga, but we just requested to be dropped right in front of the cave.

What to expect:

  • The cave sits right beside the highway.
  • No bathroom. Just pure cave.
  • If you are bringing cars, you can park them near the cave.

We did not bother dipping on the water since there is no room available where we can change our wet clothes. We also cannot afford to sit beside other passengers on the jeepney while our clothes are soaking wet. We just took few photos while waiting for a jeepney bound for Lianga for our next destination.


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