Mountain Hopping and the Extended Weekend

It all started with a simple invite. Days before September ended, Four Eyed Laagan and Wandering Soul Scamper invited me to join their weekend trip scheduled by the end of October. A hike to Mt. Lantoy in Argao, Cebu with river trek and caving side trips. I am somehow divided and hesitant to join at first for the following reasons: 

  1. I haven’t known them yet personally. We only get to converse occasionally through social media. We may have met on our Freedom Climb in Mt. Lanaya last June, and in Mt. Babag National Clean-up Day but basically we did not talk much.
  2. If I’m going to join, then I have to bring a friend with me to keep me from being left out during conversations.
  3. I basically don’t have a tent and I feel awkward sharing tent with someone I don’t personally know yet.

With no trip planned on the coming months and with the growing itch for an adventure, I responded to join the trip. What’s left to do now is to convince my other friend, who owns a tent, to join. Unfortunately, my friend will not be available and cannot let me borrow her tent for she too has a camping schedule on that date. With no option left, I was forced to buy my own personal tent. I got myself a good for 1 person sniper tent from Brown Trekkers.

The day comes and we arrived on our meeting place. With no much common topic to talk about, I was first left-out on the conversations. By the time we arrived on our jump-off point, my extrovert personality just naturally came out. There were 8 of us and I was able to mingle with the rest especially during our “socials” segment.

Mt. Lantoy as seen from the summit of Mt. Takliad

It was a gloomy day with a sign that it would rain heavily any time later. We modified our itinerary and skipped some of the points of our trip including Bugasok Falls. We trekked straight to Mt. Takliad where we camped overnight. It rained so hard on that night that most of the group got wet even inside their tents. Thankfully my tent survived and I was able to sleep peacefully throughout the night. I really wished my tent could have been bigger so that it could accommodate all of us inside, but all I could do is to offer any assistance I can give just to alleviate their situation.

Read more of my Mt. Takliad experience here.

Morning came and we took our breakfast before breaking our camp. We descended and decided not to proceed to Mt. Lantoy since we cannot cross the river due to flooding caused by the heavy rain that night. We also crashed-out Siay Cave. I guess those places can wait for our next visit. By then, I hope the weather would be cooperative.


Half of the group went straight home while we proceeded to Osmeña Peak. We took a motor cab from Argao to Dalaguete and another habal-habal ride to Mantalungon Public Market where we took our lunch and bought our next meals. The skies did gave a sign that we’ll be able to catch the elusive clearing at the top of the mountains. Thankfully the heavens blessed us with the clearing and a good picturesque view at the top. We camped and spent our night on the mountain.

Read more of my Osmeña Peak experience here.


The next morning, we broke our camp and started our hike traverse to Kawasan Falls which is located in Badian right across Dalaguete, at the opposite side of Cebu island. We needed no guide since one of us knows the way and the trail to Kawasan Falls. The trail actually is not a challenge. It is already established and no heavy steepness assault present. It took us around 4 hours to traverse from Osmeña peak to Kawasan Falls. Right when we arrived at the waterfall, we then took a cold dip and washed our sweaty bodies.

Read more of my Osmeña Peak to Kawasan Falls traverse here.

Hunger struck, we then descended to take our lunch at the main road. A great shout out to  Sir Wandering Soul Scamper for the free meal. As our bellies got filled, our bodies started to feel tired, feet sore, and legs weak. We took a bus and went home dead tired. I literally arrived home and crash planked straight on my bed. It was yet another great experience and another stamp on my memories.

2 Replies to “Mountain Hopping and the Extended Weekend”

  1. I was hesistant also to start a conversation at first except for “nag breakfast naka?” Lol
    But really, as much as I wanted to talk a lot.. there’s this fear that what I may say is boring. Hahaha. Well thats me, i always thought that I am a boring person to talk to hahaha.
    But seriously, you mingled with the team that quick. And after that, it seems that everyone had known each other for quite sometime.

    It was one of my memorable experience indeed.
    Great post by the way. 👏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha! Sorry for being persistent. Hope you had fun, well, from your FOUR awesome blog posts about our 3-day adventure, pretty sure you had not made the wrong decision. Thanks junji! Till next time hahaha


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