Malubog Lake Itinerary and How To Get There

Malubog Lake in Toledo City has started to make noise over the internet especially on the social media. The lake is indeed a beauty displaying her magnificence. Silent and mysterious, the lake is worthy of a visit especially for curious spirits out there.If you’re planning to see the lake, see this sample Malubog Lake itinerary and expenses I laid out below:

Before anything else, please see these tips and things to observe:

Tips and Points:

  • I suggest you take a local to guide or someone who knows the place.
  • There are things that need to be observed while at the lake.
  • Also, observe the basic LNT (Leave No Trace) principle. Dispose of your trash properly and do not destroy anything.
  • HELP IN PRESERVING THE BEAUTY OF THE PLACE. Don’t be that rude and irresponsible VISITOR.
  • The lake looks best when the sky is not gloomy.
  • Also, the lake is best viewed on sunsets.
  • There is a somewhat like a waterfall, but I’m not sure if the water is clean.

malubog lake itinerary

  • The tunnel is no more accessible for visitors. Only authorized personnel or residents can pass through the tunnel.
  • Biga Pit is also already restricted for visitors by the operating mining company for reasons I don’t know.
  • Bring anything that can protect your from the sun’s heat when hiking around the lake, like arm sleeves, caps, and umbrellas.
  • Prepare to cross rivers up to knee level especially during rainy season.

malubog lake itinerary

  • There are plenty of scenic views around the lake, so better ready your cameras and equip yourself with spare batteries and or power banks.

malubog lake itinerarymalubog lake itinerary

  • ENJOY!


How to get there:

  • From Cebu City, go to Cebu South Bus Terminal.
  • Take a bus going to Toledo City.
  • Disembark from the bus at Brgy. Juan Climaco’s Magdugo Elementary School.
  • Go to the nearest intersection heading to Brgy. general Climaco.
  • At the intersection, take a “habal-habal” ride to get you to Brgy. General Climaco’s Hall.

malubog lake itinerary


Sample Itinerary:

  • 05:00   Meet-up at Cebu South Bus Terminal
  • 05:30   Depart for Toledo City
  • 07:40   Arrive and disembark at Brgy. Juan Climaco’s Magdugo Elementary School
  • 07:42   Take another 15-minute “habal-habal” ride at the intersection to Brgy. General Climaco
  • 08:00   Arrival at Brgy. General Climaco’s Barangay Hall
  • 08:00   Start of hike and exploration
  • 15:00   Start descent and head to Toledo City proper via jeepney
  • 16:40   Arrive at Toledo City public terminal and catch a ride back to Cebu City
  • 18:00   Arrival at Cebu City


Estimated Expenses:

  • 60php   – Bus ride from Cebu South Bus Terminal to Brgy. Juan Climaco intersection.
  • 60php   – Motorcycle ride from intersection to Brgy. General Climaco
  • 50php   – Breakfast at Brgy. General Climaco
  • 50php   – Packed lunch
  • 10php   – “Bangka” fare if you want to cross the lake

malubog lake itinerary

  • 20php   – jeepney fare from Brgy. General Climaco to Toledo City public terminal
  • 100php – Van fare from Toledo City to Cebu City
  • Other expenses depend on your necessities.
If you want to read our experience at the lake, click here.


5 thoughts on “Malubog Lake Itinerary and How To Get There

  1. This is really helpful! How I wish other how-to-go-there posts would be as comprehensive as this one. Not only did you share how to get to the place, but you also included possible expenses, a sample itinerary, and some tips on what to do and observe when arriving at the place. Thanks for sharing, Ji!


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