Bao-Bao Falls – the humble beauty

Lianga maybe as rural as you can imagine, but hidden within its trees and mountains is a sweet spot sleeping in peace. Bao-Bao Falls may not be as tall and proud as the other known waterfalls, but it sure will leave a unique mark on your experiences.

The waterfall reminds me of Cambugahay waterfall in Siquijor. Though this one has its own charm. The water is cold and clear.

Though sad to witness but again, some irresponsible and senseless visitors already tarnished the virgin beauty of the waterfall. Carved names on the stones and other sorts of vandalism has wounded the place. There are also scattered trash. I can’t help but get enraged and question the thinking of the visitors. My mind is full of swear words for those people who are responsible of damaging the waterfall, as I am currently typing these words right now, but not here. For the sake of this blog’s modesty.

I was hesitant at first to put this in a blog just so to make the place less known by the public; and maybe somehow preserve its natural beauty. Guess I cannot be selfish.


small sample of trash left. There are also clustered trash on the area

here are the fees
How to get there:

  • Get yourself to Lianga.
  • The waterfall is famous in Lianga, just ask the locals how to get there.

What to expect:

  • There is an entrance fee.
  • Expect crowd on weekends and holiday.
  • No changing room right beside the waterfall.

We started early in the morning that’s why we were able to enjoy the waterfall with no other visitor yet. This waterfall was our last stop for our Surigao del Sur trip. After we had enough with the waterfall, we went straight back to Butuan to catch our flight back to Cebu.



7 Replies to “Bao-Bao Falls – the humble beauty”

  1. Makaulit bitaw nang nindot na unta kaau ang view ba then nai mga basura. Wa uroy maikog ang nagbilin.

    Anyways, unsa xa kalawma? lawm kau? ahah


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