The Advantages Of Fit Travelers : A Person That Exercises Regularly

We know that traveling is fun. It is educational even. It teaches us lessons and things that the schools do not offer. Traveling can open our minds and our eyes to different perspectives. But we cannot deny that traveling can be tiring. Regardless how short and well planned your trip is, traveling can drain your energy to a certain degree. Small things like dealing with your travel buddy’s attitude can really get you exhausted. Even more when your trip involves strenuous activities like long walks up to the extreme ones like mountain climbing and/or rock climbing. When it comes to the physical aspects, there are items that fit travelers are advantageous than the others.

I’ve been traveling often recently and I do also exercise at least thrice a week. I cannot say that I am a total fit person as I do not have the physical aesthetic attribute (yet) that the current media has shown ideal. You know, the abs, pecs, biceps, shoulders, the quads, and the glutes. But anyway, I am now working my ass off to get there. I know I am not the fittest person, but here are my observations regarding the advantages of a traveler that exercises regularly:


Bigger Energy Reserves and Longer Stamina

Yes, when you exercise, you train your body to endure more strenuous activities. Your body gets used in exerting more energy thus enabling it to store energy efficiently. When you have more energy, long trips would come easy peasy. You can last a day or two with just naps, or even without sleep. People who exercise regularly also have longer stamina and endurance. Regular walking and other light activities will not require much anymore.

An obvious example to point would be trekking. People who exercise regularly outlast those who don’t. Their longer stamina allows them to go on with just short breaks. They don’t easily get exhausted and strained. They can survive intense physical demands.


Agile Movers

When it comes to time-constrained trips, it’s very crucial to be quick as always. Catching up trains, bus rides, and flight schedules requires one to be quick and agile. Time is precious when traveling, especially when you are trying to hit multiple places on a very limited time. Unless of course when you travel in luxury where you can afford the extra payments for lesser hassle and hustle.

Here come the advantages of a physically trained traveler. Since their bodies are already attuned to stress and their muscles can already take rapid movements, they acquire these quick reflexes, especially those people who train athletically. These physical attributes can come as an advantage in cases when you need to be fast like packing your bags, getting ahead on queues, chasing boarding hours, and even rushing to your next destination.


Stronger Immune System

Health is very crucial when traveling especially when embarking to less urbanized places down to camping in the middle of the wilderness. Health assistance is hard to acquire on these places. That is why first aid kits is a must when traveling. Getting sick in the middle of your itinerary will cost you a lot. Having strong immune system can really spare you the troubles unless for critical cases like physical injuries and severe illnesses.

Scientific studies suggest that people who exercise regularly have a stronger immune system that those who don’t. Having strong immune system enables you to go on with your day and not worrying about getting sick in the middle of your itinerary.


Durable with weights

Traveling with backpacks requires you to carry your things on your shoulders. This could strain your body especially when you travel for multiple days and hitting multiple places on a single itinerary. People who specifically train and exercise with weights have the advantage for situations like these. Their bodies are already trained to carry weights. Carrying heavy backpacks would almost feel just like the normal training day in the gym.


In exercise, the question isn’t “Can you?” its “Will you?”.

Exercise is really good and advisable not just for travelers but for everybody. It’s just that, there are obvious advantages that a person who exercises has over those who don’t. Exercise can bring a lot of difference and improvement. I really recommend and encourage everybody to exercise and continue to get fitter.

19 Replies to “The Advantages Of Fit Travelers : A Person That Exercises Regularly”

  1. I love the pamaol after working out! Hahahah!

    Also, I think it’s not just about being physically fit.
    You also have to be mentally, and emotionally ready.
    Kai unsaon ang mala-Derek Ramsay na lawas pero imong hunahuna tuas inuha natulog.
    Or imong heart dili pa willing mu-move on. charot. HAHAHA.

    char2 ra bitaw ning ako . XD


  2. Check, check, check, and check! How can we determine if fit ta? Try walking from Mabolo to Salinas Drive. If hangak kaayo, it means you need more exercise! Hahaha! Killing me softly ni nga area. Tried mountain bike and walking sa kani nga dalan and the mountain bikers are right. It killed me softly. Hahaha!


  3. I agree with everything that you mentioned here! Especially carrying a backpack! I love bringing one since I usually go home riding public transport. 🙂


  4. What the heck are pecs, quads, and glutes?! Hahaha. I only have baby fats and muffin top! I agree with exercising. In every article I’ve read on the internet about living a good lifestyle, exercise is always on the list. For someone who works online like me, my exercises involve cleaning the house everyday and scrubbing the bathroom floor every now and then. Haha


  5. This is my concern too. I can’t walk for long hours especially when carrying a heavy backpack. This keeps me from visiting places that I really want to go to like Mt. Pulag. 😦


  6. Looks like these advantages are so…maka temp to have. I barely go the gym anymore kay no time, and too tired. Huhu #goodbyefitbodygoals


  7. Being fit means that you are able to do more what is expected. It means that you can push the limits of your body and not face any serious consequences as a result. This means that you can run long distances, move faster, lift heavy weights, go for brisk walks and do all the other things that place your body under stress.

    Aside from the list provided, it may also improve one’s IQ, mood, and even looks.


  8. OMG! Ka-relate gyud ko ani! Wow. I remember katong first time nako nag-trek kauban nilang Well. For me, kinahanglan gyud ka mahimong fit para dili ka mahimong pabigat sa imong mga kauban! Makabuang na gyud to nga trek. Hindi ako na-prepare!


  9. It really pays to be in such great shape not only physically, but also mentally when it comes to traveling, or specifically, the more physically-challenging kind such as trekking, mountaineering, etc. That way, you’ll be able to attain your goals of reaching certain places while exerting less effort and maybe time. And of course there’s the countless amounts of benefits you’ll be getting in return as well, like health-wise for one as you already mentioned, and then some.


  10. We totally agree. Good health is an important part of traveling and adventuring. After all, we won’t be able to do the things and activities we love if we’re sick and weak. That’s why Sheila and I exercise daily, eat healthy food, and maintain a positive lifestyle.


    1. Yes. I, myself can testify. Before I started having a regular exercise routine, I usually get drained by just simple short swimming or walking short distances. Now, I can endure longer treks without passing out.


  11. Eating healthy or by portion really helped my way of traveling especially doing some adventures. But I also can add that having a good and right mindset also an advantage, also not really a physical one but it’s also a huge impact in doing all the activities. 🙂 This is a very good insight Junji thanks for sharing to us


    1. Agree. Right mindset is also one of the keys. And yeah, I also observed that you always find a way to incorporate healthy and organic foods during your trip just like the time you brought avocados during our Leyte trip. 😄


  12. Yes, there is an advantage if you’re physically fit when you travel, especially with all what you have mentioned above. And I genuinely agree to all of them.

    I’m not that physically fit, but I guess that being considered to be physically fit doesn’t just mean like owning a good body figure. It also goes with how you contend with your body’s adjustment in any sort of strenuous activity like hiking. In this way, your minds could also be operating efficiently.


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