Forever Grateful – My Theater Journey

While we were in New York, we hoped that we’ll get to experience snow. Unfortunately, time did not allow us. The day after we left the city, was the day snow started falling. Maybe missing the snow fall happened for a reason. Still, New York was such a great experience tattooed in my life forever. Yet, we have to leave for another, hopefully, a memorable experience. Click here for my New York story.

Anyway, we arrived at Dallas and again, was warmly greeted by the temple masters and devotees. A welcome party was organized and they booked a hotel for us to stay. Again, the foods were so great. I better control myself this time, else, my costumes won’t fit on me.

Just like in New York, the devotees and temple volunteers were very hospitable. It feels like we were not there to just simply perform, but also to tour around the cities of Texas. We goin’ country baby!

First stop, Fort Worth Stockyards Station. Here, it felt like going back to the old cowboy days. There are historical relics like old vinyl players, train tracks, and of course, the rodero accessories all around the place. There are also shops selling rodeo hats and all.

We ended our day spending dinner at Dallas Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. It was a unique way of enjoying dinner. Actually, it was my first time watching a live medieval-inspired duel show while enjoying a meal. It was fun yet unorthodox in my own definition.

The next day, we visited the temple in Houstion (FGS Chung Mei Temple). The temple has a spacious area where we held our blocking rehearsals and reviewed some of the scenes. Of course, it wasn’t all rehearsals. We were given free time, which I leisurely spent appreciating the landscapes around the temple.

Since we were already in Houston, we grabbed the opporunity to visit NASA’s Space Station Center in Houston.

Another childhood dream crashed-out from my list. That was my first time seeing actual space rockets and vehicles.

The following day was another performance day. As usual, we got up early to set-up the stage and prepare for the quick blockings and for the actual show.

This time, the show was held at Stafford Centre. As I recall, that was the best stage experience that I had through the entire tour. Again, the show was a success. We packed-up late at around 11PM. The air was already freezing when we got out from the building. We were greeted with another celebration at the inn where we stayed. It was actually another birthday celebration for the November babies of the cast and crew. To cap-off our Texas leg, we toured around Austin and visited the nearby FGS Temple.

Another day, another state to visit. This time we are bound for Nevada for our Las Vegas leg. This surely is one of my most memorable state of through out the entire tour. The accommodation we had in Las Vegas was, by far, the best.

We stayed at Park MGM Hotel, right at the center of the bight and lively strip of Las Vegas City. Right after we arrived, we had a quick opportunity to stroll around the city by night and get a glimpse of the city buzz.

Performance day and it was hectic.

Unlike the previous cities where we get to rehearse and block at least a day prior the performance, this time it was what i call “shotgun” case. Nevertheless, everything went well.

We still have few days left in Las Vegas. What better way to spend it than to tour around and visit the newby sights and shops. I never thought that I could get to visit one of the canyons of Arizona. Though it was long, tiring, and butt-numbing drive from las Vegas, but the opportunity and the view was all worth it. We actually visited the Antelope Canyon.

One thing that surpirsed e though was how cold and freezing it was. Very opposite of what I assumed while looking at the photos I see over the internet which looks like the place is searing hot.

No one leaves Las Vegas without experiencing at least one of the hundreds of exotic shows on the city. Our last night was actually a very memorable night. We watched the highly accalimed acrobatic show performed by no less than the “Cirque de Soliel” company. The show was titled “Ka”. The night was filled with spectacles and I must say that every second of it was jaw-dropping.

The day has come for the last state of our US Tour. We bid Las Vegas goodbye as our tour bus headed to Los Angeles.

Can’t help but took a photo with “Santa Fe” at the BG as credit to the song I sang during the auditions. This was taken on one of the stops heading from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

Click here for my story on how, when, and where this journey began.

The first day in Los Angeles was the part where we had fun the most, because we spent it nowhere else but at the “happiest place on earth”, Disneyland.

It was my first time stepping on Disneyland. The place which I thought I can only reach in my dreams when I was still a kid. Though I am already in my 20s, but I just couldn’t keep the child in me from smiling ear to ear. I really had fun especially with the rides. Plus, I got to watch the live stage musical play version of Frozen. Ahhh, what a dream come true.

The days after were spent rehearsing for the last shows and also practicing for short performances for some events. Despite the heavy schedule, we still able to sneak tour days.

Performance day and we have two last shows in Luckman Theater. Last leg, last shows. We have to give all the best that we can deliver.

This time, the stage felt different. Maybe because of the thought that this’ll be my last performance on a stage and that I’ll never experience anything like this again. Everything went slow motion as I wandered my eyes across the crowd while we made our final bow for the tour. The cheer and applause was louder for my senses this time.

At last, the curtain has finally set and the tour has officially ended. As we packed everything for our departure from the theater, I sneaked a moment by myself at the stage. For the last time I let my hands and feet feel the floor as I gazed towards the lights. Suddenly I found myself diving into the thought of the audience, the cheer, and the applause, as if all our performances flashed back. I might not be able to experience something like this again. Maybe the next time, I’ll just be one of the audience, sitting at the back, and watching the entire performance while reminiscing my memories when I was a part of the cast.

Looking back, I realized I also had my set of sacrifices for this rare opportunity. I sacrificed my stable job for this sporadic chance. I endured loneliness as I was away from my family and close friends for months. Nevertheless, I regret nothing for choosing this rare opportunity. I am thankful that I took the courage to go forth with the audition. I am glad that I believed in myself while walking towards the room where everything started. I am grateful that HE made everything happen.

The whole touring cast and crew. Thank you SiddFam!

4 Replies to “Forever Grateful – My Theater Journey”

  1. I don’t usually read blog posts that are divided into parts, but this one was totally and exception – nangita pa gani kog sumpay πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Very well expressed! 😍😍😍
    More of stories like this please 😁

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  2. Kuya!!!! I’m literally reading your blog from 3:45-4:50 AM, almost one hour hahaha! This one me made cry again that thru realizing while reading about all the things had happened on 2018 especially this tour was indeed something to be grateful! ❀️❀️❀️❀️ Omg! I love it ….

    -one of the casts 😊

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